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Ever Belt

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Ever Belt is a stylish yet super-durable leather belt for men that comes in two shades, black and a mahogany shade of brown. It’ll fit virtually any man, regardless of their size or height, and will look good with almost any pair of pants or shorts. Each belt has a ratcheting buckle so you won’t need to worry about holes, and even if you wear it every day for years, it won’t stretch out and begin to look unattractive.

Each of these belts is made of soft authentic leather, wrapped around a synthetic Kevlar core that’s nearly indestructible, so each one feels nice to the touch and will withstand frequent wear without wearing out. After you put this belt on as you would a standard belt, you’ll need to slide its non-buckle end through the buckle and pull it through. Each of these ends is full of dozens of little teeth, so all you’ll need to do is pull it along until you reach a point at which the belt fits you well. Then you can stop and let the nearest set of teeth click in, in order to close the belt securely.

Two Shades Available
When obtaining one of these belts, you’ll be able to choose between a shade of basic black and a shade of mahogany brown. Either shade will look good with most outfits that you’d wear for work or casually. Regardless of the shade you choose, your belt’s buckle will be a professional-looking shade of silver.

The outside of each belt is made of soft, handcrafted leather, a fabric known for its durability and flexibility, and the inner core of each is made from super-strong Kevlar. That said, you can expect your belt to last you for years or even a lifetime without wearing out or losing its shape, even if you wear it on a daily basis.

The Ever Belt will fit men of almost any size, from husky to very thin. Plus, if you happen to change sizes, you’ll be able to adjust your belt quickly, by pulling the non-buckle end through the buckle in either direction so it catches on a different set of teeth. This can even be done when you’re bloated from eating or drinking a lot, or when you want to fit a thicker shirt or sweater inside your pants.

As each is about an inch wide, one of these belts will fit through the belt loops on almost all pairs of men’s pants or shorts. The Ever Belt will not only look attractive with dressy bottoms that you’d wear for work or special events, but it’ll also look good with jeans, khakis, and even some athletic shorts. Therefore, you may be able to put it to good use every day.

This belt has such a classic, sophisticated look that even if you end up keeping and wearing it for 50 years, it’ll be unlikely to ever go out of style. While the trends in pants, shorts, and shirts may change throughout the years, you’ll be able to continue wearing your Ever Belt with all of the above. If you ever decide you don’t need it, it’ll probably be in good enough condition to be passed along to another male relative or friend.

Holes can be a source of annoyance on standard belts, especially since they tend to stretch out over time, especially if you put on weight during the lifetime of a certain belt. Furthermore, they’re often spaced too far apart so it’s hard for anyone to find a belt that fits just right. Fortunately, the Ever Belt has no holes at all, and its teeth are all very close together. As a result, if your waist expands just a quarter-inch, you’ll still be able to get that ideal fit you’re looking for.

If you currently buy belts made of flimsy material, ones that are sized according to specific waist sizes, you’ve probably found yourself replacing them frequently due to wear and tear or weight loss or gain. However, you won’t need to do this anymore once you obtain an Ever Belt, since it’s made of such durable material and will likely still fit a person if they gain 100 pounds.

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