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LIZARD FLARE LIGHTLizard Flare is the brand new rugged roadside flare without the flame. ItLIZARD FLARE LIGHT uses 15 high intensity LEDs that can be seen almost a mile away. It has a powerful magnet that sticks to your car so you can warn people before exiting your vehicle. Lizard Flare has 360° of visibility, 9 light pattern safety modes, a built in flashlight and a handy hook. It even works in the rain, snow, and fog. Whatever the emergency, Lizard Flare won’t let you down. Under normal weather conditions and when battery life is good. Test battery life frequently. May not be visible in extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, tornadoes, typhoons, or blizzards.










❖Being seen during a roadside emergency is important, but ordinary flares can be dangerous and a pain to light. Lizard Flare is a rugged, high tech roadside emergency flare that uses LED lights so you can be seen when it matters most.
❖Unlike ordinary flares, Lizard Flare delivers 360° of bright light to ensure you’re visible, alerting others of your location up to almost a mile away.
❖Lizard Flare’s construction is super-strong and durable so it can take a beating in any situation. Virtually indestructible, it has a shatterproof ABS lens and the weather is no match for the waterproof and weather proof Lizard Flare.
❖The more Lizard Flares you use, the better you’ll be seen. We suggest using six (or more) to ensure maximum safety. Place them along the front, the side, and the rear of your vehicle.
❖Lizard Flare has nine safety modes so you’re prepared for every emergency situation. Choose from single flash, dual flash, triple flash, rotating, alternate blinks (pulse), universal SOS signal, solid on high, solid on low, and flashlight.
❖Need to change a tire, Check your oil or coolant levels, Lizard Flare’s built in super bright flashlight lets you see in the dark. Use the hook to hang or as a kickstand, or the magnet for hands-free light.
❖Lizard Flare comes equipped with a built-in magnet. Attach Lizard flare to your car so other drivers or emergency vehicles can clearly identify your vehicle or use it to look under the hood hands-free with the built-in flashlight.
❖Lizard Flare is also equipped with a handy hook! Use it to hang the light or angle the light to stand.
❖Lizard Flare roadside emergency flares can be used for more than just roadside emergencies. They’re rugged and lightweight so you can pack them in your hiking bag, keep them on the boat, and so much more.



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