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If your partner can’t sleep while you read at night, turn off that old lamp. It’s time to get Lizard Neck Light, the new wearable light with two bendable arms. Lizard Neck Light wraps comfortably around your neck and two bendable arms shine light exactly where you need it. Just bend and let go. The light stays put, perfect for any hobby that requires a fine eye. Lizard Neck Light is perfect for working under the hood, or on the side of the road. With both hands free, you’re good to go! Work around your home without holding a bulky flashlight, from your toolbox to your mailbox, inside any small space where it’s so hard to see and you need your hands free. Lizard Neck Light is great for campers, too, or whatever you do! Three brightness levels let you adjust the amount of light and three temperature settings adjust the type of light. Low warm light is perfect for reading, medium white light is great for tasks, and the super bright white light is perfect at night. Lizard Neck Light can stand up wherever you need it while the flexible arms put light anywhere you need it up, down, and all around. Thanks to the ergonomic design, Lizard Neck Light is so comfortable you can wear it all day.








❖With the Lizard Neck Light you can comfortably adjust the bendable arms to your liking. They can be independently moved for precision lighting like never before. Perfect for reading books in bed, on a flight, or even late night barbeques on your patio deck. The ergonomic design is totally hands free. Bend the Lizard Light around your Bicycle’s handlebar for safer late night bike rides
❖Our state of the art Lizard Neck Light brings simplicity to your life. An excellent choice for walking your dog late at night. No Need to use your phone for lighting when you have a night light conveniently hanging from your neck. Ideal for knitters, campers, and handymen who need lighting in hard-to-reach places. Plus it’s so lightweight you can wear it all day in total comfort
❖The various light temperatures are perfect for any setting. Use the cool bright white light for precision work or walking at night, the yellow light for crafting and knitting, or the warm white light for cozy lighting in the bed while your partner sleeps. 3 brightness levels are adjustable to your liking from low, medium, up to high. Switch to your preferred light level anytime, anyplace. See more with less eye strain.
❖Bend your Lizard Neck Light until you find the angle that you need. Our reading light will stay put and give you hands-free lighting in any setting. The portable design allows you to bring it with you on flights, in the bed, in your tool shed, and practically anywhere you go.
❖When lying next to your significant other in bed, you can turn off that bright nightstand light. Instead turn on your Lizard Neck Light and let them sleep in peace. Perfect for creating your own reading bubble late at night while your partner is undisturbed and sleeping away. Designed to focus the light on your reading space without disturbing others
❖Enjoy long hours of illumination for handy work or for just hanging on your patio deck. Prefect for under the sink, reaching cables behind the TV or grabbing tools in your tool shed. The Lizard Neck Light is also ideal and convenient for long reads, late night or early morning runs. 2 AAA batteries required (Not included)
❖Our new wearable light stays put for any hobby that requires a fine light. The Lizard Neck Light can stand when you need it and put the light where you like! Not only is the light flexible for your neck but it also stands on its own for when you are creating projects and need the light focused. Uniquely different from any other neck light on the market
❖Headlights are uncomfortable and can often slide off your head when tilting your head in the hood of a car. The Lizard Neck Light’s ergonomic design stays put around your neck and allows for you to see and fix any issues under the hood of a car. Keep your hands free so you can focus on your task at hand
❖Imagine catching a flat tire on the road and needing to change your tire in the middle of the night. The Lizard Neck Light will be perfect for roadside assistance as you can work on changing that tire hands free with a nice bright light around your neck. Pair it with our Lizard Flare Light for optimal safety and you will be back on the road in no time.


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