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Fast Fountain

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Fast Fountain is a compact, black, circle-shaped fountain that’s solar-powered. It’s specified that you can place this fountain in any container of water outdoors.  Including one as big as a pool or as small as a flowerpot and sunlight will make water shoot out of its center.

This fountain has been designed to float freely if that’s a user’s preference, but it also has suction feet that will enable you to attach it to a flat surface.

Add a Water Feature Anywhere:  Adding a beautiful fountain to your landscaping doesn’t have to be an expensive and complicated ordeal. Fast Fountain by Pocket Hose lets you add a fountain anywhere there’s water!

Powered by the Sun: You’ll never have to worry about replacing batteries or charging the fountain because Fast Fountain is solar-powered! It will automatically flow as it absorbs power from full sunlight.

Small & Lightweight:  Fast Fountain is small and lightweight so it can easily fit in small pond areas, large pools, birdbaths of virtually any size, and so much more. You can even get creative and turn an old wooden barrel into a vintage farmhouse-style fountain!

Maximum water height: 30-40 cm


❖ Instantly add a fountain anywhere there’s water
❖ Water fountain controlled by solar power
❖ Does not need batteries or electricity
❖ Installs in seconds – just place and let the sun power it up!
❖ Eco-friendly and saves money
❖ 5 different water nozzles for different spray patterns
❖ Max spray height: 30-40 cm
❖ Great for birdbaths, small ponds, pools, and more
❖ Floats on top of the water
❖ Powers in full, direct sunlight
❖ Measures 6-inches diameter X 2-inches height including pump

❖ Solar Powered Fast Fountain by Pocket Hose
❖ 5 Spray Modes
❖ No Installation or Batteries Required
❖ Great for Bird Baths, Pools, Pond & More!

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