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Weed Thrasher Refills As Seen On TV

Weed Thrasher refill

As Seen On TV

         24 Replacement Monster Cutters for your WEED THRASHER, the best trimming system available today. With Monster Cutters, the WEED THRASHER trimmer head is easy to use and will save you time! Don't worry about wearing out your Monster Cutters anymore.

24 cutters are included, which are three millmeters in width, and six and one half inches in length and are able to be cut down to fit trimmers For gas powered trimmers only

Durable nylon cutters cut the tallest weeds away!

Monster Cutters Set of 24 extra monster cutters for the Weed Thrasher (Not 12 like some retailers). Replacement Cutters for Weed Thrasher.

Beware of low quality Monster Cutters on the market. They break and shatter on first use. We stock and ship the high quality cutters.
Weed Thrasher Refill As Seen On TV

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