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Time Life Music

Time Life Music Collection features the best CD collections from all eras. Time Life Music is best known for their superior collections that give you digitally re-mastered hits of your favorites. The quality and sound is unsurpassed. The best in music & video from a name you can trust. Buy Oldies, Pop, Rock, Country, R&B, and Worship & Gospel music.
Each volume in the series chronicled a specific year in country music, from 1950 through 1972, and was issued on a double-length compact disc or cassette, or two vinyl albums. Individual volumes contained 24 tracks, usually representing the year's most popular and important songs. Break out those bobby socks and school sweaters! All those jukebox classics from the 1950s are here, packaged in a nifty collector's box. Jitterbug to 150 hits by the Four Seasons, Elvis, and so many more!
These sets were strictly targeted for adult listeners, the same people who were the target audience of Time and Life magazines. The series stressed what in the 1950s had been referred to as "good music", meaning classical, opera, or orchestral music, occasionally easy listening pop or a soundtrack, but guaranteed to be free from rock 'n' roll or anything resembling it.