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Ab Rocket Twister
Ab Flyer
Ab Circle Pro
Ab Transform system
Aero Knife
Aluma Wallet
Always Fresh Containers
Anti Static Dryer Balls
Aqua Globes
Aqua Globes Mini Set
Ambari Elephant (Big)
Ambari Elephant (Small)
Angry Birds
Air Climber
Air Cutter Home Haircut Tool
Astonish Oven Cleaner
Auto Cool
Auto Trunk Organizer
ATV 150cc
ATV 90cc
As Seen On TV Hat
Awesome Auger



Baby Bullet
Bacon Wave
Bake Pop
Back Relief Belt
Baggler Bags
Bake N Fill
Ball Room Dance
Banjo Fishing Kit
Barry’s Boot Camp
Barry’s Booty Pop
Barack Obama Gold Plated Quarter
Better Bagger
Better Sealer
Bell and Howell Light Iscope
Bell and Howell Micro Plus Sound Amplifier
Bell Howell Solar Flood Light
Bell and Howell Silver Sonic XL
Bell + Howell ZX4 Shaver
Bell Howell Solar Powered Animal Repeller
Belly Burner
Betty Crocker 100 Piece Cake Decorating Kit
Better Beater
Bender Ball
Big Boss Grill
Big City Slider Station
Big Top Cupcake Bake Set
Betty Crocker Bake Art
Betty Crocker NonStick Oven Liner
Billy Blanks Taebo Amped
Billy Blanks TAEBO T3
Billy Mays Vidalia Slice Wizard
Bikini Touch
Bionic Fish Finder
Bit Shooter
Berry Dry Travel Hair Dryer
Blender Bottle
Blendy Pens
Blendy Pens Small Blister
Blendy Pens - El Grande Activity Set
Bling String
Bloom Perfect
Blox Stain Blocker
Bona Hardwood Floor Mop
Boom Cube
Boot Camp
Bottle Top
Bra Baby
Brazil Butt Lift
Bright Light Blanket
BrightLight Pillow
Bubble Bath Blizzard
Bug Bam
Bug Wand
Bug Zapper
Bullet Express
Bullock Cart (Big)
Bullock Cart (Small)
Bulls Eye 7
Buxton Palm Wallet
Buxton Shoulder Bag
Buxton Cell Phone Wallet



Callous Clear
Cami Secret
Cats Meow
Caulk Away Tool
Chef's Stir Pan
Chalean Extreme
Chef Basket
Chop Magic
Chris Angel Mind Freak
CityKitty Cat Toilet
Clean Step Mat
Cleavage Control Clips
Clever Clasp
Coffee Magic
Cold Heat
Color Blast
Color Splitz
Comfy Control Harness
Comfy Mat
Core Rythm
Core 360 Personal Gym
Craft Lite Cutter
Crazy Critters Dog Toys
Crunchless Abs
Cricut Expression
CuddleUppets Blue Elephant
Cuddleuppets Brown Bear
CuddleUppets Green Crocodile
Cuddleuppets Magic Unicorn
Cuddleuppets Pink Poodle
CuddleUppets Purple Monkey
CuddleUppets Yellow Dog
Cupcake Secret



Depil Silk
Detoxy Foot Pads
Debbie Meyer Green Bags
Debbie Meyer Bread Bags
Debbie Meyer Cheese Bags
Debbie Meyer ColdCut Bag
Designer Snuggie
Doggy Steps
Dog Snuggie
Dotza Color Pens
Donut Express
Dink King
Distinction Firmalift
Distinction Facelift
3D Digi Draw
Dream Lips
Dr.Frank's Joint&Muscle Pain Relief
Driveway Patrol
Dryer Balls
Dryer Max
Durable Ladder Pro



Eagle Eyes
Ear Lift
Easy Feet
Easy View
Easy Reach Plant Pulley
Easy Stitch
Eco Canteen
EdenPURE GEN3 Model 500
Edge Of Glory
Egg Genie
Electric Scooter 380watts
Engrave It
Emery Cat
Epil-X Hair Remover
Euro Sealer
Express Hookz
Ez Comb
EZ Covers
EZ Cracker
EZ Eyes
EZ Moves
EZ Up Chin Up Bar



Fake Camera
Faraday Flashlight
Fart Machine
Fast Brite
FabriClear Bed Bug Spray
Fein Multi Master
Finishing Touch
Firm (3 Set Video casatte)
Figure Trimmer
Fire Wire
First Alert
Quarters Collectors Map
Firm Wave
Fish pen
Fix It For Wood
Fix It Grout Markers
Flashlight Friends
Flat Fold Colander
Flavorwave Turbo Oven
Flex Seal
Flex Seal Brite
Flies Away
Flip Jack Orgreenic Pan
Flip N Flyer
Flipeez Hat
Floam 6 colors
Freeze 24-7 Anti Aging System
Fresher Keeper
Fresh Sticks
Foam Struction
Focus Factor System
Foot Alignment Socks
Forearm Forklift
Forearm Forklift Extension
Forever Comfy Cushion
Forever Lazy
Fushigi Magic Gravity Ball
Fun Foil Art
Fun Slides Carpet Skates



Garden Groomer
Ge Magic
Glass Wizard - Glass Cleaner
Go Duster
GoGo Pillow
Gojo Hands Free Headset
Golden Touch Steam Mop
Gopher Pick Up Tool
Gourmet Quick Chopper
Giant Tree Tomato
Ginsu Original Slicer
Ginsu 8 Piece Traditional Set
Ginsu 8 Piece Chikara Knife Set
Ginsu Chikara Knife Set
Ginsu Home Basic Knife Set
Ginsu Santoku 7 Knife
Ginsu Santoku 7 Knife & Board
Ginsu Stainless Steel Cutlery
Ginsu Stainless Knife Set
Glow Pets
Grabit Broken Screw Extracter
Grout Bully
Grater Plater
Grease Bullet
Great Kitchen Secrets
Grey Away
Grill Daddy Pro
Green Wash Ball
GS27 Car Auto Vehicle Scratch Remover
Gyro Bowl
GT Express 101



H2O Mop Ultra
H20 Steam Mop
H20 Steam Mop Pads
H20 Vac Turbo
Hair Bean
Hairdo Bang Hair Extension
Havoc Razor
Happy Nappers
Halo Oven
Handy Caddy
Handy Cheff
Handy Hook
Handy Switch
Hang Rite
Health Master
Heeltastic Heel Stick
Hercules Hooks
HD Vision Foldaways
HD Vision Readers
Hip T
Hot Buns
Hot Designs Nail Art Pens
Hot Booties
Hot Dog Grill
Hot Huez
Hoopnotica TravelHoop
Hover Disk
HD vision Wraparounds Sun Glasses



Idol White
I Know Key
Ice Cream Magic
Impact Gel
Insta Grip
iRenew Bracelet
Iron Arms
Iron Gym
Iron Gym Xtreme
Iso7X Exercise Machine
Insta Bag
Insta Bulb
Insta Gone
Insta Lift
Instant Trainer™ Leash
Instant Zipper



Jack La Lanne’s Power Juicer
Jelly Wallets
Jump Snap
Jupiter Jack
Just Air Backpack
Just A Trim Trimmer
JXD Alloy Structure Mini Helicopter 335



Kangaroo Keeper
Kinoki Foot Pads
Klear Action Whitening Light
Kettlenetics Slim & Tone
Kymaro Fix My Roots
Kymaro 2Piece Body Shaper
Kymaro Rollaway Facial Threader



Laptop Cushion
Lateral Thigh trainer
Laser Straight
Leak Ender
Lens Doctor
Life Shake Drink
Liftys Invisible Bra
Light Angel
LIL Remainder
Live Buttterfly Garden
Lint Lizard
Lint Wizard
Lionel Train Crossing Bank
Liquid Leather
Liquid Lens
Liquid Stainless Steel
Luminess Air



Magic Mesh
Magna Hose
Magna Nails
Magic Bullet 21 pcs
Magic Fur Ball
Magic Minerals by Jerome Alexander
Makura Buck Wheat Pillow
Maxi Glide
Max Grip Dash Tray
Meatball Magic
Melt It Off
Memory Foam Pillow
Micro Boom
Micro Force Shaver
Micro Touch
Micro Touch Max
Micro Fiber Magic Sponge
Micro Fiber Miracle Cloth
Mighty Bite
Mighty Blast Stain Remover
Mighty Light
Mighty Putty 3-Tubes
Mighty Mend It
Mighty Tape
Milex Expresso Machine
Mini Sew Wonder
3 Minute Legs
Miracle Anti Fungal
Miracle Blade Knife Block
Miracle Foot Repair
Miracle Hand Repair
Miracle Blades
Miracle Hair
Miracle Socks
Mister Steamy
Miyashi Massage Pillow
Moving Men
Mr Lid
Multi Trim Diet Program
Mushroom Express
Music Bullet
My Lil Pie Maker
MyPlace Laptop
MyPlace Cozy Deluxe



Nail Dazzle
Nail Dazzle French Kit
Nail Perfect
Natural Cures Book
Nathans Reversible Grill
Neckline Slimmer
Nicer Dicer
Night Sky Projector Clock
Notebook Buffer



PackIt Lunch Box
Page Brite
Pampered Toes
Park N Place
Pasta N More
Perfect Bacon Bowl
Perfect Fit Button
Pet Rider
Point N Paint
Pancake Puff Pan
Party In The Tub
Pasta Boat
Pasta Express
Patch Perfect
PedEgg Professional
Pedegg Replacement Blades
Pedi Pistol
Pedi Spin
Perfect Meat Loaf
Pest Offense
Pet Groom
Peti Cure
PetMD Anti Itch Spray
Pillow Pets
Pink Armor Nail Gel
Perfect Brownie Baking Pan
Perfect Cut
Perfect Fries Cutter
Perfect Dog Trainer
Perfect Lasagna Pan Set
Perfect Meatball Pan
Perfect Tortilla Pan
Perfect Pancake
Plaque Attack
Plastic Package Opener
Pool Devil
Pocket Hose
Pocket Hose Ultra
Pop Chef
Pops A Dent
Potty Patch
Power Push
Power Trainer Pro
Porta Book Laptop Table
Porta Jump
Posture Perfect
Potato Express
Prayer Cross
Press Dough Super Mega Cookie Kit
Prince Reigns
Pro Caulk Tool
Purse Brite
Punch and Snap
Pushup Pro



Quantum Body Fit Vibration Plate
Quick Brite
Quick Lawn



Rabbit TV
Rainbow Art
Rainbow Crunch Art
Rainbow In My Room
Ralph Pauls Guitar Made Easy
RapidLash Eyelash
Ready Strip
Rejuvenate Floor Renewer
REMINGTON Microscreen 2 Travel Shaver
Relaxo Bak
Riddex Pro Pest Repeller
Riddex Plus
Right to Bare Legs
Robo Stir
Robo Sweeper
Rock N Roll Stepper
Roll a Lotion
Roll N Grow
Ronco Chef & Go Cooker
Ronco Six Star Knives
Roto Punch
Rub N Color
Ronco Electric Pasta Maker



Salad Chef
Salon Express
Salon Shaper
Samurai Shark
Samurai Speed Peeler
Sauna Belt
Save A Blade
Schticky Reusable Lint Roller
Scoop It
Scoop N Grind
Scratch Dini
Scunci Swipes Eyeglass Cleaner
Seat Pets
Seat Solution
Seat Solution Ultra
Secret Glo
Shake Weight Men
Shake Weight Women
Shape N Tone
Shapely Secrets
Shed Ender
Shed Vac
Shimmer Glitter Tattoos
Shoe Away
Show Stoppers
Shoe Dini
Shoe Organizing Bed Skirt
Shoes Under
Side Sleeper Pro
Side Socket
Sift N Toss Litter Liner
Silly Bandz
Six Week Body Makeover
Simoniz Fix It Pro Pen
Simoniz Fix-It Scratch Repair Kit
Simoniz Liquid Diamond Instant Shine Car Polish Kit
Shower Radio
Skinny Skillet
Slap Chop
Slap Watch
Slice O Matic
Slide N Tone
Slimming Shapers
Slim N Lift
Slim N Six
Slim Clip - Double Sided Money Clip
Slushy Magic
Smart Clip
Smart Lidz
Smart Mop
Smart Stackers
Smooth Away
Smooth Sliders
Snap 2.0
Snip Stick N Gro
Snuggie For Kids
Soap Magic Sanitizer
Sobakawa Cloud Pillow
Sonic Clean
Sonic Earz
Sop N Mop
Sponge Tech Car Wash
Strain Spill Stopper
Stain Buddy Stain Remover
Stem Cell Therapy
Stick N Click
Stick Up Bulb
Sticky Buddy
Stone Wave Cooker
Stop Trax
Strap Perfect
Streak Free Cleaning Cloth
Stream Clean
Stretch Genie
Stufz Burger Maker
Style Snaps
Spin Spa
Space Bag Combo
Spiderman AlarmClock
Sprayza Air Brush
Steam Buddy
Sunbrush Tanning Kit
Swirly Hair Clip
Swivel Mop
Swivel Store Organizer
Swivel Sweeper
Swivel Sweeper G2
Swivel Sweeper Max
Swivel Sweeper Touchless



Tag Away
Tasty Top Cake Pops
T-Core™ for Men
T-Core™ for Women
The Bean
10 Minute Trainer
Titanium Turbo Precision Electric Razor
TIFI TiFi 2800 Titanium Dryer
Titan Peeler
Topsy Turvy
Tornado Can Opener
Tool Band It
Total Pillow
Tree Tomato
Tri Tek Shaver
Trusty Cane
Tummy Stuffers
Turbo Jam
Turbo Jet Shower
Turbo Snake
Trendy Top
True Ceramic Pro
Twin Draft Guard
Twist N Clip
Twist N Stay



UGlu Adhesive Tape
Ultimate Chopper
Ultimate Scrubber
Universal Ink Jet Refill Kit (Black)
Universal Ink Jet Refill Kit (Color)
Urine Gone Refills
Urine Gone 48oz Bulk Refills
Urine Gone Pet Stain Remover



Vidalia Chop Wizard
Vexor Pepper Spray
Vita Grass



Waboba Extreme Water Ball
Walk Fits all sizes
Wallet Pix Digital Photo Album
Water Jet
Water Wow
Wearable Towel
Weed Thrasher
Weed Thrasher Refills
Wind Chaser Stunt Kite
Window Whizz
Windshield Wonder
Wiper Wizard
Wipe New Car Restorer Kit
Wizzit Hair Removal
What Odor
White Light Tooth Whitening
Who Knew Book
Wonder Hanger Platinum
Wonder File
Wooden Shoe Men
Wooden Shoe Women
Woolite Rug Stick
Wow containers
Wow Cups



X Hose Tube
Xpress Ready Set Go



Yo Baby Kick flipper
Yoga Booty Ballet
Yoshi Blade
Yoshi Blue Pan
Your Baby Can Read
Your Story Machine



Zero Smoke
Zorbeez 10 Pack
Zoom Marinator



'60s Deep Soul
Classic Country Hard
Midnight Fire Time Life
Classic Blue Grass
Time Life 70s Music Explosion
AM 60s Gold
Classic Soft Rock
Classic Soul Ballads
Country's Got Heart
Dick Clark's American Bandstand
Disco Fever
Down Home Soul
I Can Only Imagine You
Life Time of Country Romance
Life Time of Romance
Magic Of Love
Malt Shop Memories
Mid Night Soul
Oldies But Goodies
Open The Eyes Of My..
Piano By Candlelight
Richard Simmons Sweating..
Rock N Roll Legendary
Sandi Patty Songs Of...
Songs 4 Worship
Soul Story
Super Stars Of Country
Super Stars Of The 80
Fabulous Fifties
Motown Collection
Classic Love Songs
Doo Wop
Flower Power
Ultimate Rock Ballads
Uptown Saturday Night



Silly Bandz Alphabet Shapes
Silly Bandz Basic Shapes
Silly Bandz Fantasy Shapes
Silly Bandz Dinosaur Shapes
Silly Bandz Pets Shapes
Silly Bandz Princess
Silly Bandz Rock Bands
Silly Bandz Sea Creature
Silly Bandz Spring Bands
Silly Bandz Western Band
Silly Bandz Animal Shapes


Lateral Thigh Trainer

As Seen On TV

Lateral Thigh Trainer As Seen ON TV
              Lateral Thigh Trainer System gives you two potent workouts in one machine. A fun, fat burning cardio workout plus a super effective toning workout. The Lateral Thigh Trainer not only moves up and down, it also moves in and out at the same time.

              The Lateral Thigh Trainer System gives you two potent workouts in one machine. A fun, fat burning cardio workout plus a super effective toning workout. The Lateral Thigh Trainer not only moves up and down, it also moves in and out at the same time.

              The secret is the bi-directional skating like motion, unlike ordinary steppers the Lateral Thigh Trainer unique movement targets multiple muscles from different angles. You'll also receive Brenda Dygraf's Power House Training Manual full of secret positions to do all kinds of fun full body aerobic moves while toning and shaping those hips, glutes, and thighs. As a special bonus you'll also receive: Brenda's Powerhouse Workout Video and The Powerhouse Food Plan. As an extra special bonus you'll get the Powerhouse Training Computer that counts calories, totals strides, and total workout time.
Lateral Thigh Trainer System Includes:
  • Lateral Thigh Trainer Fully assembled
  • Powerhouse Training Manual
  • Powerhouse Workout Video on VHS
  • Powerhouse Food Plan
  • Powerhouse Training Computer
    Once you stepped down on one side, the other pedal of the Lateral Thigh Trainer goes up. Simple! The movement of the lateral Thigh Trainer exercise equipment targets certain areas of your legs and focuses on that location. The Lateral Thigh Trainer is small and compact yet durable. When you are finished working out just simple store and tuck your Lateral Thigh Trainer anywhere you want.
  • Lateral Thigh Trainer As Seen ON TV
    Lateral Thigh Trainer
    Our Price: 99.99
    Out Of Stock

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